08th November 2020
Dear WSC holders,
05th August 2020
Dear the holder of WSC.
23th October 2019
Notification of communication failure.
The connection of "https://tokensale.soccercoin.eu" is now very unstable.
We are currently working on recovery.
9th September 2019
The platform site has been restored.
9th September 2019
There is a problem with part of the platform site, and the service is currently suspended.
Currently, we are processing for recovery.
Please be assured that there is no problem with your registered information.
19th April 2019
Dear investors and supporter of WSC Coin,
We are sorry for the delay in reporting to everyone. Also, we apologize once again that the listing has been delayed.
Currently, we are collaborating with domestic and overseas companies in order to be listed while monitoring the market conditions as we balance development progress. Please be rest assured that the project is making progress.
We are moving towards listing by this summer, but we will make a comprehensive judgment on the final listing period and announce it after analyzing the market.
With regards to token distribution, we will announce the distribution schedule and distribute the tokens at the time of announcement.
We will report to you little by little, so I hope you all stay warm and watchful.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding, as we still need a little more time to fully commence.
25th August 2018
We would temporarily stop the sale.
16th August 2018
Presale has started.
Recommended Browser (Chrome, Safari)*Other browsers may not access correctly.
3rd August 2018
Air Drop campaign start.
3rd August 2018
WSC,Ltd. has signed a partnership with Lao Toyota FC on WORLD Soccer Coin Project.
30th July 2018
Whitelist registration will start from 1st August.
14th July 2018
Crowd sale schdule was changed.We will start crowd sale from 16th August.
10th July 2018
WSC has signed partnership with BaaSid to install authentication system which has excellent security through 100% de-centralized authentication.
07th July 2018
An Article of WSC project has been published on AFP.
06th July 2018
An Article of WSC project has been published on Morningstar.
06th July 2018
An Article of WSC project has been published on Yahoo Finance.
06th July 2018
An Article of WSC project has been published on business wire.
30th June 2018
We announced 'WORLD SOCCER COIN PROJECT' at Blockchain & Social Impact Conferencing Seoul.

QURAS is a leading Blockchain project focused on privacy

They are developing the first Secret Contracts platform in the world, with their own Blockchain (QURASchain) while focusing on data protection on public blockchains. The company also aims to build the World's First Public Blockchain with anonymous transactions as well as a collaborative platform. Within their ecosystem, transaction fees from tokens are distributed to token managers, allowing for a wide range of possible uses of privacy technologies in many business markets.

With its smart and scalable platform, QURAS offers ample supports for the development and operation of DApps while building an ecologically decentralized society. QURAS can handle up to 1,000 transactions per second with load capacity expansion planned in future blockchain development.



Planet WSC Ecosystem is supported by WSC project using NEO block chain.


Establish WSC Academy

Ball Project

WSC Stadium
IT / AI / VR / AR Technology

Develop and expand a reservation and client management system

Hold amateur league matches and global league matchers all over the world

Operating with E-Sports

Develop and operate a Soccer Betting Stadium Platform

Development and operation of marketplace and platform


An article of World Soccercoin Project was posted on over 1000 web sites all over the world.